Nowadays, the best turntable isn’t a strange name with those who love music. Particularly, the argument related to the old turntables versus the new turntables constantly erupts in the turntable community. Some assume that the old ones are dominant compared to the new versions. In fact, there are several points that are cited by both, thanks to that, the buyers can decide to purchase a new one or vice versa.

What Facts Related to the New Turntables & the Old Turntables?

New Turntables Are More Expensive Than Old Turntables

One sure fact is the old turntables that have a cheaper price in comparison with the new models though there sometimes have exceptions. Basically, the old turntables are still cheaper if you want to offer for your relatives or friends, instead, the new turntable. Those who often read and find the yard sale of the brave-Saturday-morning warrior would wonder why? It is difficult to determine the true value of the old-unused turntables by grannies (since the late 1980s), along with for $20. If compared to the $500 range, the winner is the old turntables.

Old turntable

Actually, in the above spending budget, everything is gradually more challenging. A typical example is a battle between the Linn LP-12 and Rega P9 – what wins? Although both are the top model of the turntable, the eras are not similar. Obviously, the selection is based on the individual preference. If you have tended to spend an amount of cash, you should know that a couple of turntables are not similar to the legend. Yes, it is not easy to look for the old turntables to hear. In the $5000 range, you should carefully consider. Don’t take once you don’t experience.

On the contrary, the high-quality new turntables are easier to find. The Rega P9s, for instance, it is considered as a dear investment for fairly-tight-running industry. In the big cities, these high-end turntables are available, but the smaller cities are not necessary. Based on the reports of around, getting the old turntable is difficult to occur. Nevertheless, the old Michell Orbes, Linns, or Pink Triangles brings a different look and feel.

The Quality of the Sound

One old turntable with less cost will likely have the built-in quality compared to the cheap, plastic products today. The higher the built-in quality is, the better the sound will be. It can say that the main form of the sold music is vinyl. Accordingly, there were a lot of competition when many manufacturers always try to make a better product than other competitors. Nowadays, not many record players on the market, but Music Hall, Rega, and other brands provide the turntables that are churned out on the right basis.

Old turntables – warm & new turntables – clear

Actually, there are two distinct groups of the vinyl – the audiophiles and the DJs. The patent of Technics SL-1200n started to wear out the middle of the 2000s. Inversely, the DJ turntable had owned the through-went quality. For audiophiles, the turntables bring the nice appearance, along with the modern design. A great thing is to isolate all the rumble and produce the clear stereo. Warm – an adjective to describe the audio of the old turntables while to describe the audio of the new ones is clear. Since every turntable is different, you should try listening to the chosen turntable before purchasing.

Old Turntables Are Not As Convenient As New Turntables

In general, the beginners often miss this when coming with the turntables. It isn’t difficult. Just put, every turntable has the difference a bit. For the old turntables, the experienced repairers frequently deal with some of the brands or one. Multiple brands dealt by the dealers often have some similarities. Basically, we will be able to take a lot of time to learn and repair the turntables. In spite of the old models, it is still worth to purchase if these turntables run well. All in all, the excellent turntables in the early period of the record player era is the 60s and 70s. Correspondingly, the old models chosen to sale is about 50-60 years old.

New turntable

Frequently, the large cities can solve the expertise issues. With the simple ones, you can look for through the internet while the complex problems can find the professional repairers – it isn’t difficult. Conversely, it won’t be an advantage when living in the countryside because finding a repairer isn’t easy. If you aren’t living in the UK, USA, or Western, it will be more challenging to repair an old turntable because these countries often provide the quality turntables. Of course, you can also mail your turntable to a repairer, but the risk is hard to avoid.

Instead of that, you might purchase a new turntable at the local store. Like that, you not only can carry it back home in a safe way but also receive the warranty. With a new model, the available parts are guaranteed, so you won’t have to pay $100 for a plastic cover. Simply, carrying it home, plugging in, and shoving a cartridge – your turntable will start working. In case it doesn’t work, you can get support from the sold store. Therefore, it will be more convenient than old turntables that new turntables bring. Nothing is simpler than setting it up and play.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, we assume that old turntables provide the ideal bang away. The buyers can still find the satisfying things if it is fixed as an almost-new model. Yes, the sound of the old turntables can be created better than the new ones. With new turntables, you will not have to worry about the incorrect things or find a part to replace, so they make the beginners feel safer. Before deciding to buy one, you need to experience the sound of the turntables. Don’t be subjective!

It can say that the technology has advanced in comparison with the past 20 years and the current record players bring the clear sound, but some old models still work much less the new turntables. Finally, the decision is to depend on your need and preference. In brief, whatever the old or new turntables can allow you to enjoy the quality sound.

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We are all well aware of the progress technology makes constantly, and thanks to its progress, other things have to improve in order to adjust to it. The dizzying speed of progress, however, makes other pieces of tech go from “hot new items” to “old vintage relics” in less than a 10 year period.

Stereo Systems

The category of home stereos has also undergone serious technological advances and today there are many different types of such equipment. Home stereos can be found in all shapes and sizes, providing extraordinary listening experience to people all over the world. Some people enjoy taking up whole rooms to set up their stereo system, home theatre style, while others find enough satisfaction in a simple pair of speakers and a CD player. It doesn’t matter how much effort they all put in creating their spaces, what they all share in common is the equal passion in sound and music, and the pleasure they take from it.

It is Not All about Equipment – Furniture is equally as important

In search of the best setup and sound quality many music lovers have discovered that the piece of furniture used for the stereo devices to be put on is equally as important as the quality of the equipment. This realization has created a new furniture trend and category known as audio furniture. As with any other piece of furniture, they do highlight the style and design of the overall furniture, but more importantly, they provide additional performance boost to the audio equipment.

Let’s take a closer look at these audio furniture pieces and how they improve the quality of the listening experience.

Possibly the most popular and most valuable furniture piece to boost your stereo is the Hi-Fi stand. What makes these stands ideal for placing home stereo is the material it is made from. They are made from very sturdy materials, such as thick glass shelves which are also isolated to cancel out vibrations and deadening. Most of them are also designed in such a way that they allow enough air to pass through, which helps overcome overheating issues. Excessive use of any piece of stereo device will cause it to overheat and having additional air flow will help counter the heat. So-called “floating” shelves will also prevent interference caused by vibrations.

Naturally, when you buy a piece of furniture you want it to be durable and stylish enough so that you will not need to change it every time you add to your existing system or completely replace it. It is normal for people to make adjustments to their home stereos and add more accessories, and hi-fi stand manufacturers have taken this into account. Some of these stands have the capacity to stack and expand, which is ideal for countering space issues. If you have just started building your home stereo system, the best idea to start with is to get a simple 2-shelf stand. It will not take up a lot of space and it is a much better choice than buying a large piece of furniture that will stay empty for a long time until you complete your stereo system. This way, whenever you add items to your system, you just add more shelves. In due time, they can also be further raised, or lowered depending on the changes you make to your home stereo system.

Boosting Sound Performance with Speaker Stands

 Speaker Stands

Investing in speaker stands is a quick, simple and extremely affordable method to increase the sound performance of your speakers. It has been discovered and proved a long time ago that raising speakers above the ground will result in a much better listening experience. Conventional furniture and house floors transfer a lot of vibrations to the speakers which results in loss of sound quality. Raising them above the ground by using specialized speaker stands will help you cancel out the vibrations, thereby making your speakers produce better sound.

For optimal speaker performance you would want your speaker stands to be made of steel or thick glass material. They also allow for the speakers position to be easily adjusted and get the best sound possible out of them. If you are worried about these stands blending in your overall house design, worry no more. Many manufacturers design all kinds of speaker stands and there is no doubt that you will be able to find ones that will match the rest of your house perfectly.

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Naturally everyone would like to have a home music system setup that will produce awesome sound and will make listening to music at home a very pleasant experience. If you want to feel as if you are on a live concert when listening to music in the comfort of your own home you should consider investing in high quality audio amplifiers. Installing them as a part of your home theatre and music system will provide significant sound improvements.

home theater room

Follow the following set of guidelines and pieces of advice on how to set up your home music system and get the best listening experience possible.

What You Need to Consider Before Buying

  • The biggest investment second to the high definition TV is not the speakers, but the audio amplifiers.
  • Opting for amplifiers manufactured by well established brands is a good idea to start with.
  • Amplifiers require a certain amount of power. If you want to achieve the best results, make sure you they have the minimal power capacity provided for them to work.
  • You can’t use the same power source for both stereo music and home theatre surround system.

The most common issue people run into when looking to improve their home music system is the variety of choices. There are many products from different brands, and each has a set of advantages over the competition. A good way to start your search is to pay a visit to local electronics stores and consult an expert on the matter who can provide the necessary information. You can also check many online forums and websites for reviews on different audio amplifiers.

audio amplifiers

How to Obtain Optimal Results

If you want your home music system to provide the optimum results you need to make sure all the parts included in it are compatible with each other. Those include the speakers, the audio amplifiers, media boxes, gaming consoles and so on.

The most important pieces of the puzzle are not the speakers, but the audio amplifiers. Depending on their quality and the way they are set up, you will get the best, or the worst possible outcome. The amplifiers are the foundation of the entire system, much like the engine of your car. This is exactly why you need to focus on getting the best audio amplifiers your money can buy. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the speakers are the most important piece of the system.

Set a Clear Budget

Now, depending on your needs, you should choose the audio amplifiers accordingly. Do you simply want to use them to maximize your stereo music (2 channels) listening experience, or are you going to connect them to your home theatre system which can either be 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system?

If you simply want to simulate life performance sound quality you should go for a 2 channel amplifier. If your budget is tight you should opt for a stereo which has amplifiers integrated in itself, and it your budget is not an issue you should opt for separate stereo and amplifier products. If you want to enjoy the bass coming out of the amplifiers you need them to be at least 250 watts.

On the other hand, if you want to get the most of your surround sound system while listening to music, but also playing console games or watching movies, you need 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound. Depending on your spending power, you should go for AV receivers with a minimum of 120 watts per channel if you are on a tight budget, or obtain a separate audio amplifiers joined with a video processor ranging from 150-350 watts per channel.

There are many different home music system designs and options available today. The first thing when you start upgrading your home theater system is have a clear budget set for the purpose. Based on that, you should start looking for information about the quality of different models from different manufacturers. They all vary in terms of price and features they offer to the customer. If you have troubles choosing the appropriate parts and products you should consult an expert on home audio systems and find the ideal solution for your home.

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People find comfort and pleasure listening to music now more than ever. Literally everyone seeks comfort in their favorite audio tracks whether in their homes, cars or while using any other kind of public transportation, and even at work. To achieve that while on the move, people rely on their smartphones, mp3 players or iPods. As a result of the increasing development of digital music in the world, there are now indefinite number of source people can find their music from, as opposed to the past when you could only listen to the tunes you found on the radio frequencies.

My music

Technology Advances Made Digital Music Available to Everyone

Thanks to all the technological advances made in the field of digital music, the home stereo system market is at an all-time high. People are more and more interested in getting their own stereo system which will provide them with the pleasure to listen to their favorite genres of music. That, paired with the countless possibilities to get music digitally from different sources, makes home stereo systems more desirable than ever.

Buying music online is very common today, and what good would that music do if we don’t play it on a quality stereo system which will further enhance the listening experience. Sure, you can use headphones or ear plugs while you are on the move, but you wouldn’t want to always have your headphones on even when you are home.

Listen to music

Nowadays, the most common method people use to listen to their purchased music is on their computers. Granted, you use your personal computer for much more than just listening to music, but you would be happy to know that today, there are many perfectly affordable high quality home stereo system options available. Listening to music on a stereo system rather than your computer will unquestionably enhance the listening experience. For as much as $200-$300 you can get yourself a set of quality stereo speakers which you can place in different parts of your home. And the best part is, there are now stereo systems that are capable of streaming your favorite songs over your wireless network. Running cables all around your house can be a real nuisance, but now, with the new technology available, they are no longer an issue.

Streaming Music over Your Wireless Home Network

Wireless Home Network

Almost every household is equipped with a wireless network providing not only internet access to throughout the space, but also phone and TV signals. Why not add music to the list. The most recent stereo systems are able to pick wireless network signals and play your music songs.

All you need is a music software program on your PC, a properly configured wireless network and settings on all of the devices in question and that is it.

Now, it may sound perfectly simple, but you do need to invest some time and effort to complete the process successfully. First thing to do is to install iTunes on your computer (or any other program for downloading music). Next, you need to configure the wireless network and settings on the devices in order for them to transmit and pick up the information successfully. There is always the possibility that you don’t already have a wireless network configured in your household. You can easily do that for less than $100.

Download your favorite tracks on the computer via your music app and with just a few clicks you will hear your songs playing on your home stereo music system. It is extremely convenient to stream your music wirelessly, especially because no one ever enjoys dealing with running and concealing cables all over the house.

With just a few more additions it can get even better. Namely, if you do not wish to connect your speakers to a dedicated base station, you could invest in Apple’s Airport Express stations, placing them in the ideal position of your house and keep all your AirPlay supported devices connected at all times. This way you won’t need a special receiver to do the same job.

With the right information and knowledge, paralleled with some smart investments you can make every room in your house capable of playing your desired songs wirelessly and effortlessly.

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People have made a popular trend of transforming the basements of their homes into their own personal theatre areas. This transformation provides additional entertainment possibilities for the entire family. Looking from another perspective, having a home theatre area in your house will add to its resale value if you decide to put it on the market someday. If you have been meaning to follow this trend yourself, here is what you need to know when it comes to creating a home theatre room in your basement.

home theater room

Making Necessary Preparations

The process from an idea to realization is not as simple as you might think. First thing you need to decide is the design of the room that fits your basement. The best solution is to position the new entertainment area at the center of the basement.

Before actually equipping the room you also need to take a few other things into consideration. For example, it is crucial that you design it in such a way that the area will get enough light and the acoustics. Not every basement has the option of getting natural light, and that is pretty understandable due to obvious reasons. If this is the case in your house, you need to obtain appropriate lighting fixtures for an entertainment room. This is a room where you will spend a lot of time watching movies as well as listening to music, and it is crucial that your lighting does not reflect from all kinds of surfaces, which will spoil the enjoyment.

The Lighting

Dimmer switches are possibly the ideal solution for your basement home entertainment room lighting. Natural light can actually affect the ambience in a negative way, so if you do have windows in that part of the house, you should consider closing them off. And by using dimmers you can control the brightness of your light fixtures at all times, and adjust it according to your needs.

We stated that you should close off the windows as much as you can. However, if removing them all is not an option, and that is perfectly understandable, you need to put the darkest curtains possible.

Naturally, you would want the sound to be perfect, especially in a home theatre room. For that to be possible you have to make the room as soundproof as possible. Depending on the wall, floor and ceiling surfaces sound can bounce off all over the place which will make listening to music a lot less enjoyable.

Cable Management

Rooms like this are supposed to be as perfect as possible. That means that design and cable management is crucial. The entertainment room will lose a lot of its potential appeal if you have cables running all around. And naturally, you will have to do a lot of wiring with all the electrical pieces inside. You should consider hiring an electrician, unless you are capable of doing it yourself, to create custom wiring.

electrical wiring outlet home run

Connecting all the equipment while hiding every piece of cable is indeed a challenging task. However, hiding them has another crucial advantage. Loose cables around the room is also very risky in terms of safety. You wouldn’t want anyone to get shocked because of exposed wires in the middle of the room. This is why you need a real professional to help you store the cables accordingly.

Bear in mind that the more devices you install, the more wires and cables you will have to hide.

Placing the Furniture and Electronics

Now that you have taken care of the essential preparations, it is time to decide on the design of the furniture and the devices you will install in your basement home theatre room. Having in mind the size and layout of the room, get the furniture and electronics that will fit perfectly inside and allow for an unobstructed movement through the area. The bigger the room, the more interior design possibilities. If you can decide for yourself, hire an interior designer to help you with the layout.

You should place the TV and audio music system with all the accessories in the least visually obstructed area of the room, and the seating furniture against the opposite wall.

Useful Videos

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People who like to enjoy listening to music or watching movies on their home theatre system are completely aware that getting the best listening experience from your system takes time to perfect. If you are such an enthusiast follow this article and find out how to create the perfect home theatre setup for you.

home theatre setup

What to Consider when Buying Second-Hand Items

Some of you may turn to the market of used or refurbished products. In this case you should first check if the product you’re willing to buy has all the original paperwork with it. This will also make it easier for you to resell it in the future. The next thing you should have in mind is the return policy. If a seller doesn’t allow for the item to be returned you should quickly disregard it, and continue to the next option. If the return policy is acceptable, then you need to check the condition of the item. Ask to see it in person, or if that is not possible, ask for more detailed photographs.

As is the case when buying any refurbished item, when looking for a home theatre system you should always make purchases from sellers with positive feedback – preferably over 90%. It is equally important to not rush your decision. If you have doubts over a certain refurbished home theatre system, prolong your decision for a little while.

Everyone has their own reasons, but if you do not absolutely need to, stay away from buying refurbished TVs, DVD players or similar devices.

Be Smart When Spending Your Money

It is not a particularly good idea to simply head to the electronics store and ask for what’s good. Before you decide to get a home theatre system you should first get an idea of what you would particularly like. In case you have already noticed or heard a particular system and like it, that is a good starting point.

home theatre system

When you are basing your decision on the spot, this is what you need to consider. First, not all electronic stores have access to actual HD channels. This will not give you a clear picture of the quality of that particular TV. Next, the sound produced from any device will in the store will not be the same as when you take it at home. Normally sounds are distorted due to the acoustics of the store.

To make the process easier for you, you might want to take your own CD with music of the highest quality, or a USB drive with an HD video file on it and test the quality of the TV yourself.

Furthermore, you can lean on online forums and review web sites to gather more information on the item you fancy. There is a big chance someone already owns the home theatre system or a high-definition TV you want to buy. Reading their opinions will help you make your decision.

The Essential Components of a Quality Home Theatre System

No home theatre system will be complete without an HDTV, DVD/CD Player, A/V receiver and speakers. There are also other parts which you may not deem necessary, but they really are, such as cables, recorders, headphones and others.

  • A quality high definition TV is the first thing you have to obtain. Choose the appropriate size and brand your budget allows. An excellent idea is to purchase an extended warranty and not worry about possible malfunctions for a longer period of time. Check online forums for user opinions before you choose a particular model. You should also compare prices from different stores and increase the chance of getting a better deal.
  • The second most important investment is the A/V receiver. The best idea is to get a 7.1 channel receiver since you can use them to get both 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound on them.
  • Next, the speakers. You should get a 5.1 surround speaker system at the very least. As it is the case with most of the other parts, it is a better idea to get a new set of speakers instead of refurbished ones if you don’t want to sacrifice sound quality.
  • Last but not least on the essentials list are the CD/DVD players. Depending on their quality the sound experience will vary greatly from one model to another. Try to get enough information and get the best model your money can buy.

As it was already mentioned, there are other pieces of the puzzle which are also necessary to make all of this work, such as the cables. After all, they are the component that transfers sound and video to the home theatre system, which is why you should avoid getting the cheapest ones possible. Invest in a quality set of cables to ensure you don’t lose sound and video performance.

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