The development of the technology helped our life become simpler and more modern. A typical example is the wireless earbuds. With the invention of the wireless earbuds, they make the listeners have the comfortable feeling. However, how to choose the best wireless earbuds is not the easy problem when there are a lot of the products on the market now. Thus, this article will help you have some important features to buy the good wireless earbuds. You can buy the most suitable wireless earbuds when basing on some following key factors.

best wireless earbuds

What are The Good Wireless Earbuds?

You want to get the best one. Firstly, you must understand both its meaning and its using purpose. So what are the good wireless earbuds? They are the tiny earpieces that they will be worn inside the ear. The sound will be moved the ear canal. And you will listen to the sound from your player through the earbuds deeply.

Some Important Features to Choose The Good Wireless Earbuds

Normally, when you want to buy some things which they belong to the technology equipment, you will base on some basic criteria. Of course, you also pay attention to your needs about that product. Choosing the wireless earbuds are no exception. I collected a lot of ideas of many people who use the wireless earbuds. Each person gives a different opinion. Generally, all of them agreed with some features as follows:

Very convenient to wear the wireless earbuds

  1. Good Isolation

In any headphone, the sound isolation is extremely important. To have the best sound isolation, it often made of the special materials which they can prevent the external noise. Therefore, a quality of the wireless earbuds will provide the good isolation. They are designed to rest on your ears.

  1. Frequency

The frequency is the important feature for your consideration. Each product will have the specification. You will see its frequency in here. There are a lot of the values of frequency for the wireless earbuds. Thus, you have many different choices. Here is the detail explanation about the frequency of the wireless earbuds for you:

  • You want to listen to the sound which it has more bass. At that time, you should look for the lower frequency value;
  • However, you will listen to the higher treble sound. The higher frequency is your best choice.

Through this explanation, we know that the frequency affect too much the sound quality of the wireless earbuds. So, you should determine your choice to buy the appropriate wireless earbuds, right!

  1. Powerful Drivers

The drivers have a function to deliver the best audio output for the wireless earbuds. The number of the drivers depends on the size of the earbuds. The biggest wireless earbuds will usually have four drivers. The powerful drivers also affect the sound quality of the earbuds. That is the reason why you should check them before buying this product.

  1. Optimum Volume Levels

Why do many people spend a lot of money to buy the best wireless earbuds? In fact, they want to enjoy the music or serve their personal purposes. Wearing the earphone for a long time will not be safe for your ears. To improve this, you should check the volume levels. The limiting feature will ensure that the wireless earbuds do not affect your hearing. With the high quality of the wireless earbuds, you are peace of mind this because all of them are designed to not pass the prescribed decibel level.

  1. Comfort

Most of people want to wear the small wireless earbuds size. Moreover, they like to choose the soft earbuds because they will make the people feel more comfortable to wear for hours of usage. With a suitable size as well as the soft wireless earbuds, they do not create the pressure when you wear them. This is very necessary factor which you should list it in your consideration.

Pros and Cons of The Wireless Earbuds

Great choice to use the wireless earbuds for execising

After you give some basic criteria to choose the good wireless earbuds you should know some pros and cons of this product. You will have this information in this article too. I believe that you will get more useful things about the wireless earbuds:

For the advantages, surely you will have some following things when you own the good wireless earbuds. They include:

  • The wireless earbuds are still often called the super portable because they are very convenient to use on-the-go;
  • Also, all wireless earbuds are designed to isolate the outside noise effectively. That is a great idea for those who use the wireless earbuds on the airplane or on the buses;
  • In addition, the compact size will make the users feel more comfortable than wearing over the ear headphone;
  • Especially, the wireless earbuds are the great option for exercising. Many people have a habit to listening to music while running. So the most suitable wireless earbuds will be a right choice.

For the disadvantages, besides a lot of advantages for the wireless earbuds, you will meet some problem with your earbuds. These are the disadvantages which you should know.

  • If you compare to the over the ear headphone you will recognize the differences about the sound quality. Sometimes, the wireless earbuds can not provide the better sounds.
  • On the other hands, some people said that they can not bring the comfortable feeling. They do not want to put the wireless earbuds inside their ear for a lot of continuous hours;
  • Beyond that, the wireless earbuds can be easy to fall out of the ear if you do not choose an appropriate model which it is good for exercising.

Pay attention to choose the most suitable wireless earbuds for running

To overcome the disadvantages above, you should have the tips to choose the wireless earbuds. I think that you will feel more satisfied with this product.

In short, choosing the good wireless earbuds will become easier to you when you have some important features. All necessary things relating to the good wireless earbuds are shared in this writing. I believe that you can base on these elements to give your criteria to select a pair of the wireless earbud. I hope that you can buy the most suitable wireless earbuds for your purpose. Good luck to you!

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Simple ways to maintain your headphones in good condition and more than that! Furthermore, these advice will give you some ideas to give the headphones the golden chance to function durably and say no to crashes!


Headphones have quite simple structures and working fundamental, however inside each headphone ear pad, there is a small but comprehensive system so that they can be easily broken if counter hard collision from outside or when they have to overwork for a long period of time even the best headphones can’t handle the works.

There are legendary headphones worn by people over decades but still work perfectly without encountering any problems, but there are others which are broken after a few testing runs with numerous types of trouble. They could happen in the speakers with cracked and flicker sounds or it could be worse if the speakers are completely dead. This problem could because of the manufacturers, but there could be some faults of users while using the headphone without carefully maintenance and repair.

Some problems commonly met with the headphones could be: flickers sounds because of the malfunction inside the speakers and electrical leaks, peeled off ear pads, or even more common is about the tangled and broken headphone lines.

With Small in – Ear Headphones

in – Ear Headphones

This type of headphone has compact design therefore it is likely to be broken easily inside the strings or even completely interrupted if stretched too much. The joints are the weakest points to be damaged such as the area of jack 3.5, Y part, mini microphone area and even the buttons (with headphones that have attached microphones) and the joint to the speakers.

Beside the fact that you should protect the headphones from hard physical impacts, users also have to prepare some solutions to prevent the headphones from the outside such as cover the wires with springs, tapes or glues in weak points. On market there are some types of specialized rubber wires used for headphone wire cover with cheap prices and high sense of beauty. To avoid the headphones to be broken and help people to be more flexible in using the wires, some manufacturers use the jacks that join the wires and the speakers together. This thing will enable us to replace simply or upgrade some particular parts. But the point is those joints are the weaknesses. Most of them are quite small and not durable enough, if you do the repairing or fitting wrong, it would be a disaster to the speakers and the wires.

Some high – end in – ear headphone product lines on market are produced by some manufacturers with good and strong materials that can prevent breaking, tangling such as MA750/750i, T10i of RHA, but as a matter of fact, users need a little bit upgrades to make sure the product can work for a long time.

Another trouble commonly seen on these types of headphones is the cracker and loss of the sounds. It might be because of the wires, or the electric wielding joints are oxide, but there is high chance that the driver is wrong somewhere.

Headphones using Dynamic drivers (having speaker nets) might take an effect if users listen to music at very high volume in a long period of time of suffer from high physical damages. With some high quality products, they use at least 2 or 3, or even more than 10 drivers in a speaker system, users have to protect the headphone inside the holders to avoid physical and chemical effects. You should do it with care because just one driver goes wrong, the sound quality outputted would be affected and everything could go another way not expected by manufacturers.

Some Advices in Using Headphones


  • Don’t use the headphone too much before you sleep: Listen to music has a good effect on our sleeps, but the headphone could be broken by us accidentally while we are sleeping, not mention other bad things that could happen to ourselves.
  • Clean your ears: Ears are the part of the body that contact directly with the headphones for a long time therefore the effect caused by ears to the headphone is not small at all. Using the headphones also make the amount of bacteria inside our ears increase greatly. So keep your ears clean before and after using the headphones.
  • Use and keep the headphones in cool and dry places, avoid dust because they can sneak into the ear holes.
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A large number of people have taken up old, rare record collecting as their primary hobby. Some want them for their personal pleasure and use because they enjoy listening to old classics on their vintage record players. Others see them as an investment which can provide significant returns in the foreseeable future.

Nowadays, there are thousands of shops, both online and offline, where you can acquire your favorite records. Buying online is very convenient since these old, rare records are not always so easy to find while browsing through local stores. Some of them are rarer than the others and the only way for you to locate them is by knowing where to look for online.

So, if you have recently invested in the best record player your money can buy, and want to add to the collection of records which you will play on that record player, here is what you need to pay special attention to when buying old records.

best record player

Online shopping may have its undeniable conveniences but there are also some disadvantages to it as well. Especially when buying old records, you would ideally want to inspect their condition first hand and make sure that they are worth the investment. This is not possible when shopping online, so you have to rely on the information provided by the seller.

The information you will have to base your decision upon is almost always provided by pictures and a short descriptions. It is very easy to get the wrong idea when looking at pictures. When you are not completely certain about the condition of the records you should contact the seller yourself and ask him some additional questions.

Ask the Seller for More Detailed Photos

Record Player

If you feel there are is not enough information provided from the existing photos, you should ask the seller for more close up photos. Also ask for some photos of the sleeve. The condition of the sleeve can also say a lot about the quality of the record and how it has been kept over the years.

Generally, most sellers claim the products they sell are either of highest quality or acceptable at the very least. You will not see a seller describing the record as poor. This is why you need all the extra information on the condition of the record itself, but also on the sleeve. If the sleeve is in a very bad condition it would suggest that the record has been stored in a bad environment, and that could also mean that the record will not be worth the investment.

A “very good” description can mean different things from different sellers. Some will use that term to describe a record that has some insignificant scratches, while others will use the term to describe a record in pristine condition. This is why photos are essential, so you can make the judgment yourself.

Ask For the Sellers Return and Refund Policy


It is very common for people to make an error of judgment when deciding to make a purchase of an old record by looking at some photos. When the record actually gets to your hands, you may realize that you have made a terrible mistake. In this case it is important to know the refund and return policy of the seller before making the purchase. Even if you end up with something you don’t want you should be able to return it and get your money back.

Ask the Seller for the Origin of the Record

Obviously, when you are buying an old record, you will hardly ever be the first or even second user to listen to it. It is important to know the history of the product. The longer and more often a record has been used the more value it has already lost.

Gathering the necessary information is imperative when buying any product, whether new or used. Knowing its condition, current value and potential future value will lead to you making a better, well-informed decision for a potential investment. There are many record shops online, offering thousands of records in different conditions and prices. It is extremely likely that you will find what you are looking for, you just need to take it seriously and do not rush.

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