How Audio Furniture Will Boost Your Listening Experience

We are all well aware of the progress technology makes constantly, and thanks to its progress, other things have to improve in order to adjust to it. The dizzying speed of progress, however, makes other pieces of tech go from “hot new items” to “old vintage relics” in less than a 10 year period.

Stereo Systems

The category of home stereos has also undergone serious technological advances and today there are many different types of such equipment. Home stereos can be found in all shapes and sizes, providing extraordinary listening experience to people all over the world. Some people enjoy taking up whole rooms to set up their stereo system, home theatre style, while others find enough satisfaction in a simple pair of speakers and a CD player. It doesn’t matter how much effort they all put in creating their spaces, what they all share in common is the equal passion in sound and music, and the pleasure they take from it.

It is Not All about Equipment – Furniture is equally as important

In search of the best setup and sound quality many music lovers have discovered that the piece of furniture used for the stereo devices to be put on is equally as important as the quality of the equipment. This realization has created a new furniture trend and category known as audio furniture. As with any other piece of furniture, they do highlight the style and design of the overall furniture, but more importantly, they provide additional performance boost to the audio equipment.

Let’s take a closer look at these audio furniture pieces and how they improve the quality of the listening experience.

Possibly the most popular and most valuable furniture piece to boost your stereo is the Hi-Fi stand. What makes these stands ideal for placing home stereo is the material it is made from. They are made from very sturdy materials, such as thick glass shelves which are also isolated to cancel out vibrations and deadening. Most of them are also designed in such a way that they allow enough air to pass through, which helps overcome overheating issues. Excessive use of any piece of stereo device will cause it to overheat and having additional air flow will help counter the heat. So-called “floating” shelves will also prevent interference caused by vibrations.

Naturally, when you buy a piece of furniture you want it to be durable and stylish enough so that you will not need to change it every time you add to your existing system or completely replace it. It is normal for people to make adjustments to their home stereos and add more accessories, and hi-fi stand manufacturers have taken this into account. Some of these stands have the capacity to stack and expand, which is ideal for countering space issues. If you have just started building your home stereo system, the best idea to start with is to get a simple 2-shelf stand. It will not take up a lot of space and it is a much better choice than buying a large piece of furniture that will stay empty for a long time until you complete your stereo system. This way, whenever you add items to your system, you just add more shelves. In due time, they can also be further raised, or lowered depending on the changes you make to your home stereo system.

Boosting Sound Performance with Speaker Stands

 Speaker Stands

Investing in speaker stands is a quick, simple and extremely affordable method to increase the sound performance of your speakers. It has been discovered and proved a long time ago that raising speakers above the ground will result in a much better listening experience. Conventional furniture and house floors transfer a lot of vibrations to the speakers which results in loss of sound quality. Raising them above the ground by using specialized speaker stands will help you cancel out the vibrations, thereby making your speakers produce better sound.

For optimal speaker performance you would want your speaker stands to be made of steel or thick glass material. They also allow for the speakers position to be easily adjusted and get the best sound possible out of them. If you are worried about these stands blending in your overall house design, worry no more. Many manufacturers design all kinds of speaker stands and there is no doubt that you will be able to find ones that will match the rest of your house perfectly.

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