New Turntables vs Old Turntable: The Facts Related


Nowadays, the best turntable isn’t a strange name with those who love music. Particularly, the argument related to the old turntables versus the new turntables constantly erupts in the turntable community. Some assume that the old ones are dominant compared to the new versions. In fact, there are several points that are cited by both, thanks to that, the buyers can decide to purchase a new one or vice versa.

What Facts Related to the New Turntables & the Old Turntables?

New Turntables Are More Expensive Than Old Turntables

One sure fact is the old turntables that have a cheaper price in comparison with the new models though there sometimes have exceptions. Basically, the old turntables are still cheaper if you want to offer for your relatives or friends, instead, the new turntable. Those who often read and find the yard sale of the brave-Saturday-morning warrior would wonder why? It is difficult to determine the true value of the old-unused turntables by grannies (since the late 1980s), along with for $20. If compared to the $500 range, the winner is the old turntables.

Old turntable

Actually, in the above spending budget, everything is gradually more challenging. A typical example is a battle between the Linn LP-12 and Rega P9 – what wins? Although both are the top model of the turntable, the eras are not similar. Obviously, the selection is based on the individual preference. If you have tended to spend an amount of cash, you should know that a couple of turntables are not similar to the legend. Yes, it is not easy to look for the old turntables to hear. In the $5000 range, you should carefully consider. Don’t take once you don’t experience.

On the contrary, the high-quality new turntables are easier to find. The Rega P9s, for instance, it is considered as a dear investment for fairly-tight-running industry. In the big cities, these high-end turntables are available, but the smaller cities are not necessary. Based on the reports of around, getting the old turntable is difficult to occur. Nevertheless, the old Michell Orbes, Linns, or Pink Triangles brings a different look and feel.

The Quality of the Sound

One old turntable with less cost will likely have the built-in quality compared to the cheap, plastic products today. The higher the built-in quality is, the better the sound will be. It can say that the main form of the sold music is vinyl. Accordingly, there were a lot of competition when many manufacturers always try to make a better product than other competitors. Nowadays, not many record players on the market, but Music Hall, Rega, and other brands provide the turntables that are churned out on the right basis.

Old turntables – warm & new turntables – clear

Actually, there are two distinct groups of the vinyl – the audiophiles and the DJs. The patent of Technics SL-1200n started to wear out the middle of the 2000s. Inversely, the DJ turntable had owned the through-went quality. For audiophiles, the turntables bring the nice appearance, along with the modern design. A great thing is to isolate all the rumble and produce the clear stereo. Warm – an adjective to describe the audio of the old turntables while to describe the audio of the new ones is clear. Since every turntable is different, you should try listening to the chosen turntable before purchasing.

Old Turntables Are Not As Convenient As New Turntables

In general, the beginners often miss this when coming with the turntables. It isn’t difficult. Just put, every turntable has the difference a bit. For the old turntables, the experienced repairers frequently deal with some of the brands or one. Multiple brands dealt by the dealers often have some similarities. Basically, we will be able to take a lot of time to learn and repair the turntables. In spite of the old models, it is still worth to purchase if these turntables run well. All in all, the excellent turntables in the early period of the record player era is the 60s and 70s. Correspondingly, the old models chosen to sale is about 50-60 years old.

New turntable

Frequently, the large cities can solve the expertise issues. With the simple ones, you can look for through the internet while the complex problems can find the professional repairers – it isn’t difficult. Conversely, it won’t be an advantage when living in the countryside because finding a repairer isn’t easy. If you aren’t living in the UK, USA, or Western, it will be more challenging to repair an old turntable because these countries often provide the quality turntables. Of course, you can also mail your turntable to a repairer, but the risk is hard to avoid.

Instead of that, you might purchase a new turntable at the local store. Like that, you not only can carry it back home in a safe way but also receive the warranty. With a new model, the available parts are guaranteed, so you won’t have to pay $100 for a plastic cover. Simply, carrying it home, plugging in, and shoving a cartridge – your turntable will start working. In case it doesn’t work, you can get support from the sold store. Therefore, it will be more convenient than old turntables that new turntables bring. Nothing is simpler than setting it up and play.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, we assume that old turntables provide the ideal bang away. The buyers can still find the satisfying things if it is fixed as an almost-new model. Yes, the sound of the old turntables can be created better than the new ones. With new turntables, you will not have to worry about the incorrect things or find a part to replace, so they make the beginners feel safer. Before deciding to buy one, you need to experience the sound of the turntables. Don’t be subjective!

It can say that the technology has advanced in comparison with the past 20 years and the current record players bring the clear sound, but some old models still work much less the new turntables. Finally, the decision is to depend on your need and preference. In brief, whatever the old or new turntables can allow you to enjoy the quality sound.

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